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White Label 24/7
Helpdesk For MSPs

Allow us to help you unlock true scalability

24*7 White-Label Helpdesk 

Here at Uptime, we understand that your service desk is the heart of your organisation, interacting with your customers day-in-day out, and acting as the go-to point of call for help, which is why it is vital you have the right technical team in place.

Uptime 24*7 White Label Helpdesk delivers end-user technical support services directly to your customers, troubleshooting issues reported by them, delivering industry-leading services from start to finish, and ensuring all issues have been resolved. Our aim is to get your customers up and running as quickly as possible whilst taking pressure off your technical engineers, utilising the most efficient and thorough techniques.

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Our Helpdesk is located in USA, UK and New Zealand.

We Integrate with your PSA...

Why choose Uptime?

  • Channel Only

  • ISO 27001 and 9001

  • Fully white-labelled 

  • Integrates in your PSA, full visibility for you

  • Helpdesk teams in USA, UK and New Zealand

  • The premier industry provider for NOC and Helpdesk (search Uptime Solution on TechTribe)

How can Uptime help you?

Our Helpdesk solution provides direct technical support to your clients, with our top priority being to get your customers up and running as quickly as possible.


Issue Logged

All issues are logged by clients, outlining the issues, and giving us a better idea and knowledge of the situation at hand.


Ticket Monitoring

Our integrated PSA system allows MSP’s to send tickets directly to Uptime, with our pod-based process allowing the same engineers to deal with the same companies, avoiding confusion.



Our team of professionals utilise their expert knowledge and experience to implement quick and regulated fixes.

Benefits of outsourcing your Helpdesk


The systems and processes that Uptime has selectively implemented ensure that your Helpdesk offerings remain as efficient as possible, providing quick and effective solutions to get your customers back up and running.


Introducing Uptime Helpdesk services will free up valuable time to focus on higher-priority tasks while ensuring customer needs aren't missed. In hours or out of hours we are there, relieving stress.


Your clients will have 24/7 access to specialist resources and knowledge, delivering fast and secure solutions, helping to build your reputation as a secure and reliable organisation.

Hear what our customers have to say

Chris Morrell

Operations Director, PRO Drive IT

“Our relationship with Uptime is built on a foundation of trust and support. Our relationship is the strongest it’s ever been. The changes that Uptime have made and new services that they have brought in have really added value. "

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