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Hudu - Now Fully Supported

For a very long time, the MSP market had only a few options for IT Documentation, and for much of that time, it was dominated by a single player.

Fast-forward to 2024, and we are fortunate enough to see new, aspiring, and developing products entering the market that are challenging the status quo. These products come equipped with meaty development roadmaps and attractive pricing for MSPs, which has to be loved by all!

Hudu is one of those who has led the pack when it comes to requests from our MSP partners and prospects. We have had so many requests to support the product that we HAD to do something about it. After all, like many others, our roadmap is decided upon and based on our partners and the market.

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So, as of today, 4th April 2024, we are pleased to inform partners that Hudu is fully supported as one of the Documentation and Password manager of choice for MSPs.

This update means we can now support MSPs using ITGlue or Hudu as their platform of choice.

What is next?

We are waiting to see if we can organise a feature release with Hudu to introduce a feature that allows us to connect seamlessly. Should you wish to, you can track updates on that feature here:

For now, we can use the product, but a single-user license is required in your Hudu instance.

Should you have any questions about our products and services now we can support Hudu, please reach out to our team at


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