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Grow Your Team and Save Money – Staff Augmentation Explained

Staffing, it’s a word that comes up time and time again in most businesses across all sectors. We have too many staff, we don’t have enough staff, we can’t find staff, we can’t afford the right staff….. The list goes on and on.

MSPs are no different, they need to employ highly skilled individuals who can handle sometimes very complex queries and projects across various tech platforms and do all that in an efficient, polite, and friendly manner. A good lasting impression on a client can lead to a healthy pipeline of business.

Finding the right people can be tricky however, there are so many uncontrollable market forces at work combined with the fact that the human element of recruitment makes it unpredictable despite everyone’s best efforts.

This is where Uptime'sStaff Augmentation Service comes into its own

  1. Uptime does all the initial candidate screening and will provide the MSP with suitable profiles

  2. The MSP will then interview the candidates and select their favoured choice

  3. The successful candidate will then join the MSP’s team, working solely for that MSP and all being well, will become a valued team member.

Sounds easy right? Well, not really…….

  1. Our recruitment team spends lots of time sifting candidates to ensure only the closest match end up with the MSP. Comms, tech skills and aptitude are all assessed.

  2. Uptime take the HR and benefits burden away from the MSP. The MSP will still manage their Staff Augmentation service on a day to day basis, they’re part of the team but for anything over and above that we can take over

  3. The MSP has the support of not only a dedicated Account Manager but also a Partner Success Team to ensure you are happy with your new team member

  4. Uptime will provide training and support where necessary to upskill


  1. All this for a monthly fee enabling you to budget effectively with no hidden costs

Savings – This is where it gets interesting!

  1. Depending on the Level of D-Tech the MSP is seeking Uptime's Staff Augmentation service can save companies anywhere between 30% to 40% on the cost of hiring. This figure is based on the British market and extensive research has been carried out on job boards to ascertain current market rates.


  1. Uptime takes the effort out of recruitment yet still gives the MSP choice

  2. The MSP will have a dedicated team member solely focussed on their clients

And the best bit

Uptime's Staff Augmentation Service can save any MSP substantial amounts of money to further expand their business.


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