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5 Reasons to Partner with Uptime Service Desk

The past 2 months have seen an influx in MSPs looking to gain assistance via outsourcing. Alongside this we have seen many questions asked time and time again, so we thought it would be beneficial to be able to answer some of the most common.

The first question that really sticks out is surrounding the age old, why would we outsource?

Hopefully the below reasons give some great examples, but as always our friendly and helpful team are around to answer any questions you may need.

Improve Customer Experience

Running an MSP is never easy, despite what some may allude to when speaking about the MSP they once sold. Wearing many hats can pull you around the business from sales, to marketing, to operations and maybe even HR. Having so many focuses as both a business owner or tech, can often lead to neglect or lack of efficiency in certain areas.

By partnering with someone like Uptime, who focuses on delivering a great service desk, you can often find that you are able to excel in other areas. For example you could devote more time to do the QBRs that you once had to miss.

Running in parallel to you, now the service desk is performing better than before internally also. Because the team/pod that is helping your customers, focus on doing just that, they are seeing trends, they are able to answer the calls quickly and politely and best of all they can get the tickets closed quickly.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean that your service levels drop, so talk about SLAs when speaking with a prospectus vendor to ensure you are going forwards not backwards.

Increased Security

An MSP helpdesk is quickly becoming a target for hackers around the world, the thought that access to one place could open the door to 100s of business is appealing to these shallow minded individuals. 2020 is set to be another record breaking year for security services as well as the effort we are all having to put into looking at ourselves as well as our customers.

By partnering with someone like Uptime Solutions, you can often find that security can be improved compared to where you are internally currently. Whether it’s via caller verification for password resets, or push notifications to PCs for changes, often you will find that the outsourcing partner is worrying and taking action on these items for you as part of the service.

Ask them/us questions about it, security is taken incredibly seriously and we are always looking to improve.

Access to Accreditations

Often for smaller MSPs, getting larger clients can be tough going. You may not be of a size they are looking for, or could possibly not have the ISO certifications or accreditations that are mandatory.

Partnering with the right outsourcing vendor should add to your capabilities. For many of our smaller MSPs, they are now able to sell to larger customers knowing they can talk about the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 Helpdesk that backs them. Such simple yet effective words that can change a companies opinion of you.

Extend Offerings

For the vast majority of MSPs, providing a 24*7 service desk is an item that is a stretch slightly too far. Having resource working overnight pro-actively, as opposed to being woken up by a rota system is a costly task.

Many MSPs have partnered with Uptime so they can offer Out of Hours lights on support for their customers, without the significant investment cost of starting it. With a Pod wide awake and ready to help your customers, you have added another revenue stream as well as increasing your capabilities so you can meet customer requirements.

Obviously this doesn’t end with out of hours, we also see many partners utilise us as for SOC and projects. Two items which again traditionally need investment, can now be delivered for a very affordable cost and further increase your ability to service all areas for your customers and prospects.

Improve Operational Maturity

Operational maturity is something not often considered when we speak with MSPs, but it is one that can be a blessing in disguise when it helps with a particular incident or scenario.

By partnering with someone like Uptime who have ISO framework and some ITIL policies, you get the benefit of items such as change control. Seems so underwhelming right?

Change Control ensures that at least 2 peers have signed off work before it takes place to infrastructure at any business, this one small step can often make sure that critical work is reviewed prior to taking place, preventing any unnecessary downtime for the end customer. This is one of many things that operational maturity can aid, in delivering the best possible consistent service to you and your end customers.

The truth is, as I sit here writing this blog. I can think of many other reasons why outsourcing is a good fit for the vast majority of MSPs we see. When we step back from the crazy tech space and look at other more mature industries such as manufacturing and transportation, we see outsourcing is normal and used in almost every part of the process. The idea of giving someone one particular task and letting them do it really well, is something that some of the largest companies in the world have embraced.

We love talking to MSPs, so please reach out if you want to work out your best options.


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