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Windows 11 ... What shall we do?

Windows 11 is soon to be upon us and released to client machines around the world. Such a big change and deployment is scary for many IT companies and service desks as we wonder what might stop working.


Here at Uptime we have discussed internally what the rollout should look like to ensure that customers receive the right support, in a timely manner. This means we have some official guidance that we encourage you to consider following. By all means this is not a requirement, but will allow us to deliver a better experience for you and your customers.


We have created a script that can be run against machines to ensure that they are either allowed to or not allowed to update to Windows 11. This script is available for anyone that may want it, please contact your account manager.


Ticket Based Support


Rightfully so, with Ticket Based Support you own the pro-active elements of your customers. With this in mind we understand that you may want to just let the update run as/when prompted. Please think back to just some of the issues that were faced during the Windows 10 deployments and learnings we can take.


We strongly recommend that together we stagger the deployment to customers thus allowing us to allow it to deploy in a more staged approach. This allows us to deliver a better response time if they need help, but also inform your POD so they are in the know. We want to take the SMART approach that is in the best interest for your customer, you and us.


Unlimited Customers


As an unlimited customer, we take care of the pro-active and re-active helpdesk requirements that your customers have. With this in mind we are going to be providing a staged and staggered approach to machines updating. This is to ensure that much like the above, we are thinking in a SMART manner and can offer the best support to people who need assistance, when they need it.


You don't need to worry, we will be taking care of all of this for you and using our pre-created script above. But we would recommend you talk to your customers in some form to communicate this method and the benefits around it. If for any reason they would like to pause the update indefinitely then please let us know and this can be arranged.


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